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Megan Hoggins

Is an artist who works in painting,drawing, frottage, sculpture, installation, photography, melted things, burnt things and things she finds in skips.

She gradutated from University of Wales, Newport (Fine Art) and has exhibited in group shows in Bristol, Newport, Caerleon, Exeter and London. Some of her work hangs in the "Good Wood Cellers" on Exeter's Quayside. Others are somewhere in an attic. A few have migrated out of and around the country and at least one she suspects is down the back of the sofa.

She also runs art's event under the guise of Threebproductions, working with young and emerging artists to promote their work. Event's so far have included screening nights, music nights and club nights. In July and August 2010 an Exhibition and Art fare, repectively, will be added to the repertoire.