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Anne ED




Anne ED


Diet redbull has between 3-5 calories (depending on brand). It provides caffine which, some reasearch suggests, could help to increase your metabolic rate, meaning you burn calories quicker.

The caffine also has the obvious effect of stimulating a body and mind deprived of calories, like that of someone with an eating disorder. Eating would be a painful and complicated idea but 5 calories and 30mg of caffine is entirely bearable.

Eating disorders do not wait paitiently at home. There when you awake, go to work, or school, or to see a friend. They know what you eat, drink how much you have excreted; how many minutes exercise you have done.

They are a conjoined companion. Best friend; worst enemy; judge; jury.

They become lens through which the world is seen.

They become the one remaining constant.

//Anne ED//