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Parco Sud Peep Show

Anne ED





Building something relies on tension and internal strain, balancing these elements out to create a harmony of forces to construct a seemingly stable structure whereas in actual fact the fibres within are under constant conflicting pressure. Taken from a biological perspective, building muscle requires the muscle fibres to be ripped, it's actually reparation of them that creates the strength.

The mind, utilising schemas to process information, works in much the same way. Schemas are formed from our experience of the world, they provide a framework through which we decipher information and store it in appropriate places. A mental construct to hold, balance and suspend all we know.

The brain is not designed to perceive holistically, some information ( approach of ravenous bear) is deemed more important than others ( midge above your left ear). The conscious being at the far end of this process (yes, you) perceives the information only after the schemas have adapted it to fit in with what you already know, the architecture of your mind dictates what you see.

The landscapes we perceive are really just constructs in our own minds.