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Parco Sud Peep Show

Anne ED



Parco Sud Peep Show

In June 2008 a group of students from Newport, Prague and Milan were invited on a 10 research residential in Parco Sud- the Greenbelt area on Milan's southern outskirts.

The area is undergoing a re-urbanisation scheme, extending public transport links and building new houses. The local aurthority are concious of maintaining naturel environment whilst this scheme progresses.

We were invited to consider both the area and it's future. The project culminated in an exhibition in Fflock Gallery, Newport called "Borderlands."

My work took the form of a set of sculptures entitled Parco Sud peep show. I was intriguied by the dichotomy of the blatent prostitution and expressive religous icons that were so abundent in the area. After a fellow artist returned from a walk, somewhat shocked from witnessing a couple...together... i began to think of what secrets country lanes hold.

//Parco Sud Peep Show//