Still Life Portraits


Parco Sud Peep Show

Anne ED



Still Life Portraits

There is always a story. It lies dormant, waiting to be told.
Even the most mundane items have a personal history, where they have been, who they have passed through the lives of, how they are used. The history of an inanimate object will always reflect the lives of the animate.
If you stand in a queue at the supermarket checkouts, each person’s purchases will be different. Perhaps they have a family to buy for or are just buying for themselves. There may or may not be meat in their shopping, if not, then are they vegetarian? If they are vegetarian, is that a moral, dietary or aesthetic choice? Sometimes you can guess what their dinner is that night.
You can construct whole lives from simple clues: portraits of strangers drawn from the way the surround themselves, the sustenance they choose. But they are constructs in your mind, stories as much about their author as their lead characters.
Stories never remain true to their origins, they develop and change through re interpretation and re telling sometimes so much so that perhaps when they come back to the subject, the character portrayed is one they themselves don’t recognise.

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